Who says finding or filling a job has to be a hassle? Let your search start --and end-- right here

Jordaan Konsults Job Placement services is a corporate recruitment agency that helps employers find qualified candidates to fill full-time jobs throughout the United States.

Our employment services encompass all levels of professional experience and span a broad range of industries and companies.Jordaan Konsults Job Placement services is a subsidiary of Deacon Law and Co firm of Attorneys . The Company is a leading provider of worldwide corporate search and job placement services. We help U.S.-based employers find skilled individuals with global experience and expertise, as well as help qualified and self-motivated professionals find rewarding employment opportunities around the world with prestigious U.S.-based corporations and organizations. We also help immigrants who want to to work in some countries where we operate currently( see the countries below)

To date,We have placed hundreds of experienced management and technical personnel in over 30 countries on six continents - and our network of clients and markets is still growing.

Qualified applicants should have prior experience living, studying and/or working abroad, and be able to conduct business in English and at least one additional language and other six international languages. Also, as all placements are with U.S.-based organizations, UK organisations, Multinationals , International agencies etc. All qualified applicants must at a minimum have a valid U.S. work permit; although LPR status or U.S. Passport is preferred . However, this is not a barrier as we help our clients achieve this statuses in no distant time from when they enter in to the foreign country . For a full list of suitability requirements, please visit our contact page and request a free assessment .

We work very hard to remove the difficulty and streamlines the process of becoming an international employee or business owner. If you are interested, check out the Worldwide Opportunities available and study the Qualifications you will need before going further. If you qualify or better still, contact us .